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ADG LR Tactical (R700 compatible)

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The ADG-LR Tactical is designed from the ground up as a precision rifle action and an upgrade to the ADG-LR Standard.  No compromise was made when designing the ADL-LR Tactical and special attention was paid to improving the overall rigidity of the action for a more precise weapon system overall.

NOTE: These actions are designed to accept barrels compatible with Remington 700 barrels.  The receiver is threaded internally 1.0625”x16 TPI (1-1/16 x 16).  This thread pitch is standard on barrels for Remington 700 rifles.  Regular barrels and “Rem-Age” barrels will work with this receiver.

  • Action Material: Pre-hardened 416 stainless steel (hardened and heat treated before machining)
  • Bolt Material: Pre-hardened 4340 chrome-moly steel
  • Magazine well cut for double-stack AIAW pattern magazines (will work with AICS as well)


The ADG-LR Tactical features a larger, octagonal receiver design that increases the rigidity of the overall receiver. In addition to that, and further strengthening the action, is the fully integrated 20-MOA scope base. The scope base is MIL-STD 1913 rail.  The entire receiver and scope rail is machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416 stainless steel.  It then retains the same impressive list of features found on the ADG-LR Standard:

  • Fully integrated recoil lug—this is machined into the action, not bolted or pinned on!  This makes improved lug strength for heavy recoiling calibers and allows for approx. 0.30” of additional threads in the action for the barrel (more rigidity…seeing the theme here?)
  • Left side receiver wall extends completely up to the integrated scope base, maintaining a greater wall thickness at the center of the action—a common location for flex under action screw tension.
  • Rear tang of the action is thicker than a normal Remington 700, adding yet again to the action rigidity.  This is a particularly crucial point which is under direct forces from the rear action screw.
  • INCLUDED fully integrated 20 MOA Scope mount; it is machined into the receiver
  • INCLUDED side-located bolt removal latch (purchase triggers without bolt release!)
  • INCLUDED “mini-M16” extractor for superior extraction
  • Bolt and bolt handle are a true one-piece design machined from a solid bar of pre-hardened 4340 chrome-moly steel, bolt knob is affixed via 5/16-24 threads (you can swap knobs yourself if need be)
  • The bolt body is deep spiral fluted for weight savings and unique aesthetics

This action also makes perfect sense for operational weapons like police and military sniper rifles.  The manual of arms is nearly identical to the ubiquitous Remington 700 and requires very little additional training.

Contact us directly to get pricing for actions made for a specific caliber or bolt configuration.  Any caliber (except .50BMG can be accommodated).

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